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Concrete Saw Blades

Diameter: 105mm to 2000mm or 4" to 160"
Segment Type: Segmented, Turbo Rim, Turbo Segmented, U slot, Arix segments...
Certifcated:  CE, ISO, SGS


Concrete Diamond Blades Application

Laser welding is adopted for concrete saw blade, it is to avoid the diamond segment drop during cutting which may cause the harm to the operators. Concrete diamond cutting blade mainly used for hard materials, such as concrete, reinforced concrete, cured and green concrete, wall, asphalt, refractory brick's wet cutting or dry cutting etc.

Different disigns of diamond blade such as segmented, continuous rim, turbo, rim turbo etc are available. The laser welded diamond blade is with the feature of safe cutting, high cutting efficiency, long lifespan and smooth cutting without edge-broken.


How to buy concrete blades from the Manufacturers?

Different size can be supplied according to customers'

When place an order of concrete saw blades, please inform the following items:

1) Diameter (Inch or mm)
2) Arbor Size (Inch or mm)
3) Segment Size (Length x Width x Height, )
4) Cutting Object: Green or Cured Concrete, if contain the steel bar?
5) Machine Power/RPM (If possible)

concrete diamond saw blades

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