ChinShine offers a unique range of diamond core drill segments for superior performance in various concrete applications. Professionals will recognize the advantages of the patented ChinShine diamond core drill bit segment. 
Offering you a complete line of core drill bit segments which includes roof shape core drill bit diamond segment, regular core drill segment, dimple core drill segment, turbo core drill segment and other special shapes according to clients' individual needs. The special roof design makes starting the drilling process significantly easier.
After hundred times of testing on different concrete and also according to the request as to the life and sharpess by our customers, we have designed 5 types of professional formulas.
Before placing the order to us, please inform our engineers the following technical datas:
1, Are you more concerned on sharpness or lifespan?
2, Does your cutting object include steel bar? If so, how many percentage of it? Does it contains stone/pebbles? A reference photo is preferred.
3, The shape of core bit segments that you need, or you can follow up our engineers'suggestion.
4, The diameter of the diamond core drill tubes.
Our diamond core drill bit segments are exported to over 30 countries, our price is not the lowest in the markets, but we believe it is the most competitive one.
ChinShine diamond core drill bit segment is incredibly fast drilling speeds and provides maximum performance and productivity with the lowest cost per cut for reinforced concrete.
We recommend the silver brazing method to replace the segments, however, all core drills can be re-tipped.

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