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Having the right diamond saw blade manufacturers is essential to the efficiency of your sales or projects no matter you are distributor or end user. When you want to ensure the quality of your work and the sales volume, trust in the diamond blade from ChinShine company, one of the Chinese leading producers of high-quality diamond cutting blade.

We don't accept low-grade order and low-price OEM order because we focus on high-grade products only. We take the highest-quality saw blade blanks and bond them with the best super abrasive diamonds to form blades that provide superior function.

Our diamond circular blades have faster cutting speeds, better diamond depth and longer life length than those from other Chinese brands; moreover, we are still competitively priced. The
welding diamond saw blade

Europe America and South America are our main markets. If you are looking for good quality diamond saw blade, Chinshine
is the best choice for you in China. Our diamond tools are cost-effective, the quality meets European standard yet the price is 60% lower.

We manufacture different diamond saw blades to cut different material, for example, segmented saw blade, continuous rim diamond blade, turbo blade, the diamond blades are widely used in cutting granite, marble, asphalt, concrete, masonry, etc.

You can be relieved that no matter what your project requires, we always have an appropriate circular blade for the job at an affordable price. For more information on our selection of diamond blades, contact Chinshine Diamond Tools Co. or one of our distributors today.

Welding technique: sintered, high frequency welded, laser welded
Blank of saw blade: silent , non-silent
Item No. Outer Diameter Arbor Segment Size Segment No. Object Note
(mm) (mm) LxWxH (mm) (pcs)
QXDB300-12 300 50/60 40x3.0x10/12/15/20 21 granite, marble, basalt, sandstone,
concrete, asphalt
Please inform us the cutting object, circular blade diameter&height of segment, silent blade or normal blade, high frequency welded or laser welded, thanks.
QXDB350-14 350 50/60 40x3.2x10/12/15/20 24
QXDB400-16 400 50/60 40x3.4x10/12/15/20 28
QXDB450-18 450 50/60 40x3.8x10/12/15/20 32
QXDB500-20 500 50/60 40x4.2x10/12/15/20 36
QXDB600-24 600 50/60 40x4.6x10/12/15/20 42
QXDB800-32 800 50/60 40x6.0x10/12/15/20 46
QXDB1000-40 1000 50/60/80/100 24x7.0/6.0x13 70
50/60/80/100 24x7.6/6.5x13 80

* Size ranges from 105mm to 3500mm, other specifications are available upon request.

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