Introduction of diamond core drill bits

According to the welding method, we can make a definition for the diamond core drill bits, high frequency welded core drill(silver and copper welding), laser welded core drill and vacuum welded core drill. Most of the diamond core drill bits in the current market is welded by high frequency, they are used for drilling stone and concrete mainly. Laser welded core drills are used for drilling/coring concrete in complicated condition like water deficiency. To drill crisp material like marble, glass and ceramic porcelain, vacuum welded core drill is a good choice.

Buy China diamond core drill bits from professional manufacturer   concrete from diamond core drill bit
Quality Diamond Core Drill Bit   Concrete from ChinShine Diamond Core Drill Bit

The reasons to buy diamond core drill bits for concrete from Chinese supplier and manufacturer

a. Fast drilling speed and good quantity of drilling holes.
b. High performance in drilling difficult operating conditions, especially reinforced concrete which contains many steel bars or pebble stone .
c. Stable and reliable quality and reasonable prices.
d. ChinShine diamond segment for core drill is higher and longer than other suppliers!

Concrete diamond core drill bits are exported to Europe, Turkey and Russia in big quantity due to the satisfactory sharpness and lifespan.
Stone diamond core drill bit take more market share like East Europe and Middle-East due to the low prices and long life.

The customers are encouraged to buy diamond segment from us and do the welding by themselves, it is very environmental and economical.

The shape and sizes of concrete diamond core bit:

The shapes of diamond segment for core drill are normal segment, turbo, cone-shaped, crown diamond segment, roof shape, ect.
The connector of diamond drill bit: M22, 1 1/4-7UNC, Gas 1/2" etc.
The height of core drill Bit: 350mm and 450mm, the stone diamond core bits are shorter than concrete one.

Welcome to buy diamond core drill bits from Chinese famous supplier and manufacturer -ChinShine
Customers use ChinShine Diamond Core Drill Bits

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f.  Why are the ChinShine prices higher than those from Jiangsu and Hubei companies?

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