Diamond cutting disc, more people call it  diamond saw blade, it is apply to cut natural stone and concrete mostly. In this subdirectory, we classify small diameter of disc into diamond cutting disc. For bigger diameter diamond cutting disc(diameter bigger than 300mm/12 inch) , please click the following links:

Concrete Diamond Blade   Marble Diamond Saw Blade    Granite Diamond Saw Blade

ChinShine makes a series of diamond cutting disc, he is is famous for good quality and competitive price in the world. Relying on the world's most famous stone production and trading base of Shuitou, Quanzhou has became one of the most important areas of diamond cutting disc production. High technology has been added ceaselessly to the production of diamond cutting disc which was of heavy use in local stone manufacturers, which improve quality and reduce costs.

Our diamond cutting discs are quite popular in Middle East, Europe, North and South American countries, especially the cutting disc for granite, marble, and more natural stones.

In addition, a number of international state-of-the-art diamond cutting disc production technology was developed, like Arix diamond cutting disc, super thin diamond cutting disc, laser welding diamond cutting disc, and more.

Cutting with our diamond disc, you will get higher efficiency, lower the power and stone consumption. 

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