Concrete Diamond core drill bits for coring

ChinShine designs concrete diamond core drill bits for boring concrete and reinforced concrete only. ChinShine concrete core bits have a high diamond count with great grade diamonds for superior boring performance and longer life for wet use applications. Supreme Concrete Diamond Core Bits are laser welded and have a shank length of 14”, 18" and other size. ChinShine Concrete diamond core drill bits also feature a universal threaded arbor for an easy fit on most core rigs. ChinShine Concrete Core Bits can be used on hand drills and core drilling machine.

There is an example, drilling in reinforced concrete for fastening of drilling equipment depends on wall collet screws. Such opening in great numbers carry out by using diamond core drill bits. The construction of equipments depends on character of executable technological operation, depth of boring, diameter of opening and processed objects.

Diamond boring it is important to conduct on applying special drilling equipment of high inflexibility with good speed of rotation. Can be also used boring, milling, lathe, coordinate-boring and other machine tools. Circular and tubular diamond drill bit is better to work on an equipment with gravitational or forced serve. Core drills are intended for wimbling a diameter from 3 to 25 mm. They're produced by method of galvanic method on nickel-ferrous bond from synthetic diamonds. Boring diamond tools, usually, it is necessary to produce with use of cooling liquid. As coolant (SOG) of water and emulsions are widely used based on standard emulsions.

Opening in glass produced by diamond core drill bit by diameter to 3mm to 25 mm. As construction they are divided on: drills from the crystal of diamond; perforated from diamond powder; tubular galvanic, tubular pressed from diamond grinding powder.

Besides boring presented material, ChinShine produces other diamond core drill bits for cutting different materials, such as stone diamond core drill bits, glass diamond drill bits, electroplated diamond core drill bits, etc. ChinShine offer to clients diamond bar, rollers for sharpening of diamond drank, diamond wheels etc.  Welcome your inquiry!

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