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As a professional diamond grinding shoes supplier, ChinShine has rich experience in making various metal floor grinding shoes for the removal and grinding of the coatings on surfaces of concrete,terrazzo or natural stone. They are made for the thickest and thinnest coatings such as varnish, acrylic, epoxy, paint, lacquer, glue, adhesive and screed residue. The concrtete floor could be soft, loose, porous or hard. There are several types of diamond grinding shoes that we can supply, customer design is acceptable, the segment shape can be round, trapezoid, rectangle and PDC segment. We use the highest level of diamond grits to produce the diamond segments to all diamond grinding shoes.

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The advantages of ChinShine diamond grinding shoe:
1. Any shapes of the diamond grinding shoes are available;
2. The best quality diamond grit is used for production;
3. The sharpness and life is 1.5 times better than other Chinese suppliers, cheap and competitive among the Chinese suppliers';
4. The formula, sharpness and life is adjustable according to customers' requirement;
5. High cost-effective, more than 5 years experience rich experience in European and American market;
6. Offering suggestion from experts and professional service.
Our diamond grinding shoes in different shapes and grits based on the machine types like Husqvarna, HTC, werkmaster, Lavina, Prep/Master, Levetec and so on. We offer grit sizes like 16#, 30#, 60#, 80#, 150#, 300#, 400# ...
Please inform us the following information when buying diamond grinding shoes:
1. Grinding objects;
2. Partial grit size;
3. Partial to sharpness either life;
4. The type of floor grinding machine.

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