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Diamond wire saw is one of the most advanced diamond tools widely used for cutting and profiling natural stones as well as cutting concrete, asphalt and so on.
ChinShine established manufacturer of Diamond Wire Saw for their highly valued clients. They use bead abrasion to cut instead of diamond segment. It is sturdily made using optimum grade raw material, such as top quality diamonds, cobalt, rubber, plastic, imported steel wire, spring and sophisticated machinery at factory in diverse cutting materials. It is known for being durable, stable, sharpness, safe, easy to install and OEM service available. ChinShine diamond wire saw is offered in several types, designs and specifications to fit the demands of our clients in different market. 

diamond wire saw and beads
Diameter Of Diamond Wire Saw
7.2mm, 8.0mm, 8.5mm,9.0mm,10.5mm, 11.0mm,11.5mm
Diamond Bead Technology  
Sintered, Electroplated,Vacuum Brazed
Coating Fix Injection
Beads QTY per Meter
26/28/37/40/44 pcs
For Stone Quarry,Block Squaring and Chamfering, Profiling Cutting
For Reinforced Concrete Cutting
Attention During Cutting
· Checking the wire regularly and adjust timely.
· Checking the bead abrade regularly, avoid the eccentric wear
· Checking the connect joint regularly.
· The tension of diamond wire is 250-300kg
· Water supply is around 15-25L/min

· Less breakage rate during cutting therefore increase the diamond wire working lifespan.
· Automatic production ensures stable quality performance.
· Safe, high efficiency and environment protecting. 

Diameter(mm) Applications Coating Bead/m Cutting Speed(m2/h) Wire Life(m2/m)
Φ11.5/Φ10.5 Reinforced concrete rubber+spring 40 0.5-4 1-8
Φ11.5/Φ11.0 Granite mine/quarry rubber/rubber+spring 40 18-25 10-36(different hardness)
Φ11.5/Φ11.0/Φ10.5 Marble mine/quarry spring/spring+plastic 28-40 25-40 12-45(different hardness)
Φ11.0/10.5/8.5 Granite & marble block plastic/rubber 37/40 20-30mm per minutes 7-20
Φ8.8/Φ8.5 Granite&marble profiling plastic/rubber 33/37/40 20-30mm per minutes 5-15
Φ7.2/Φ8.5 Granite slab plastic 37 20-30mm per minutes 5-15
We are confident that our price is competitive in the markets whatever you are distributor or retailer. In addition to high cost-efficiency, there are many benefits to our diamond wire saw that include fast cutting, long lasting, technical support whenever you are buying or after-sale, customization base on different requirement, etc. Welcome to buy diamond wire saw from China professional manufacturer & supplier!

Customer Testimonials:
In Verona Stone Fair in Italy, we met an European customer who needed diamond segments and diamond wire saw for cutting diabase. This stone is harder than granite and it contains much iron. From our conversation, he felt that we are professional enough to design special formula for his diamond wire saw. Therefore, he put downpayment to buy diamond wire and diamond segments as samples for his special stone.
After comprehensive study the stone sample and customer's demand, we completed the production of diamond wire and diamond segments within 10 days. Obviously, the client was nearly satisfied with the quality and service, and then he raised a claim for more sharp diamond wire increasing 30% sharpness. After testing second samples, he was satisfied with the quality thoroughly. Please see to his comment on WhatsApp.
diamond wire for diabase from ChinShine
He said that he tested samples from several companies, but there were all kinds of problems, ChinShine was his best choice!

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