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20 years ago, Italy had achieved world-leading technique for diamond segment for gang saw . Today, ChinShine is already able to produce Italy quality gang saw diamond segments for marble. Although we begin slowly, it doesn’t make us lag behind, we ever experienced customers’ complain about quality, however, with substantial feedback and after thousands of tests and improvement, we have worked out several top professional formula for cutting various marbles, especially beige yellow marble, such as Iran Royal Batticino, Spain Cream Marfil, Turkey Jurassic Beige, etc. diamond segment for gangsaw

Main shapes of gangsaw segment as follow,
diamond pointing segment Cuboids shape. Normally the shape is cuboids, this is the earliest shape invented in Italy and Portuguese which is still popular nowadays.
gangsaw diamond segment Trapezoid shape. Today more and more manufacturers are inclined to make it trapezoidal, trapezoid gang saw segment becomes mainstream shape. An advantage of this shape is that the cutting resistance on the diamond segment sizes can be reduced, the segment won’t drop easily, and the cutting efficiency is highly improved.
frame segment Cymbiform shape. The cymbiform gang saw segment is usually used for cutting travertine and the stone has holes inside which will lead to easy drop of diamond segments. For example, Turkey beige travertine, South America travertine and China black travertine, these stone is hard, abrasive, and may make the diamond segments drop from the blade during cutting.

ChinShine owns a complete set of diamond gang saw technique, craftwork and service with proprietary intellectual property rights including diamond gangsaw segment manufacture, gangsaw segment welding, flatness of blank core, installation and debugging of multi-blade, adjustment of multi-blade working condition, pre-sales and after sales service of multi-blades. All facts verify that our diamond segments have an advantage in cutting stones below:

a. Diamond gang saw segment for cutting soft marble (beige/cream, white ect.)
b. Diamond gang saw segment for cutting medium hard marble (Indian green, dark Indian green, Serpegg-Iante, new portolo, emperador light etc.)
c. Diamond gang saw segment for cutting artificial stone and quartz stone.

Here are the cutting results of our diamond segments by years of accumulation,

Artificial stone: 90000-110000㎡
Yellow or Beige marble: 70000-90000㎡
Emperador 50000-60000㎡ , new portolo 50000㎡ at least
Black stone: over 25000㎡


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