Diamond Saw Blade for Cutting Granite

The most famous area for granite mining, processing and trading in China is called Quanzhou. In pace of the development of granite industry, Quanzhou adopts measures suiting local conditions and has developed a group of exceptional strength diamond tools supplier who are good at diamond saw blades for cutting granite. In Quanzhou, both diamond tools and granite play important role in the world.

Granite diamond blade is the most advantaged product in our company. We provide guarantee for the quality of our granite saw blades. According to different hardness of granite in different countries and regions, we can design different granite diamond blades for the users, it is totally customer-made.

Our granite saw blades sizes from 300mm to 3500mm which is mainly applied to cutting granite of different hardness, there is high frequency welded and laser welded available. With correct cutting depth and speed of saw machine, ChinShine granite diamond blades can offer a smooth cut with a fast cutting speed, compared to other blades, they are durable and have a long blade life. The blades could be installed on large/medium cutting machine and bridge cutting machine. These diamond blades are much in demand in Middle-east, Europe and America. The quality is divided into different classes by the stone feature and area throughout the world.

ChinShine Laser welded diamond saw blade for cutting granite

Features: Laser welded diamond blades with standard core for wet cutting granite. Sandwich silent core available for maximum diameter of 800mm.
Applications: Granite
Machinery: Bridge saw, stone saw, hand held saw.

Most people use laser welded diamond saw blade for cutting granite and stone without water(dry cutting).
laser welded granite blade

Sintered turbo diamond saw blade for cutting granite

Turbo diamond blades typically have soft to medium bonds for soft granite mostly. Extremely fast and smooth cutting is obtained from specially designed fine turbo teeth and mature bond system.
Applications: Granite.
Diameter: 80-300mm
Machinery: Angle grinder, masonry saw, circular saws, and tile saws

Turbo tile diamond saw blades with or without flange for granite are available
turbo diamond blades for granite

Brazed granite diamond blade, Diamond Segmented Blades

Features: Segmented blades typically have medium to hard bonds for a range of wet and dry cutting applications.
Segmented blade for wet cutting granite. Brazed process gives advantage of re-tipping.
Applications: Granite
Diameter: 300mm – 3500mm
Machinery: Bridge saw, multi-blade saw, single-blade saw
big diamond saw blade

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