Buy granite diamond segment for sale from China professional manufacturer

Granite diamond segment is one of the most advantaged product in our company. Our granite diamond segments come with evenly distributed diamond particles within the bond/formula. Buy ChinShine granite segments, Its cutting efficiency is increased by 20% as compared with its China counterparts, and the lifespan of diamond segment is 1.2 times longer than that of traditional cutting segments.

To meet customers' different demand on the diamond segments, we can improve the formula/bond according to the problems during cutting. For example, increasing the sharpness and stability or extending cutting life. The appearance of diamond segment and packing can be designed to customers' requirement, it is to help customers better selling products and make sure that customers can have smooth sales and use connection between our diamond segment and previous one.

Our diamond segments are ideal for cutting various granite with different hardness, such as green granite, black granite, red granite, grey granite. 

Our granite diamond segments are widely acknowledged in European and American market and being sold to many countries. If it is the first time that customer buys from us, we offer special discount to encourage the test. Buy ChinShine granite diamond segment and granite diamond saw blade, you can save your cost and you will get more than your expect!

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