Only having good sharpness could claim to be a good marble saw blade. Lots of customers complain that it is not sharpness enough after they test the Chinese marble saw blade.

Strong technique base is necessary to make sharp marble saw blade. First, abundant and various kind of marble for test is the element of mixing the suitable and effective formula of marble diamond segments; Second, best quality diamond grit and metal powder should be used to make quality diamond segments, just so, the prices of marble diamond saw blade is quite different with other stone cutting tools.

Many diamond saw blade manufacturers are not able to produce good marble saw blades, one of the reasons is the absence of technique, another reason is that they are not familiar with the cutting environment and cutting object. Compared with granite, marble is very soft, and its hardness and structure differ a lot in different marble, for example, the colour of marble changes from light to dark signifies that the hardness is changing from soft to hard. Besides, some marble have many stripe and crack, it should be taken into consideration that the diamond saw blade should not cause crack on stripy marble, such as Portopo marble(Blessed the gold's) .

Sometimes, the users use marble saw blade to cut travertine and limestone as well.

Nowadays, small marble saw blade in diameter 80-250mm are produced with electroplating, the one with diameter over 250mm is produced with welded diamond segments. The bigger the diamond saw blade is, the quality of the blank is required to be better. So don't focus on low price only, and don't ask big decline in price from the diamond tools supplier.

We are willing to make some samples according the actual feedback for the customers, for example, increasing 30% of the sharpness or the life, the appearance and packing of the marble saw blade are customer-made available.

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