People like sharp and smooth diamond segments for marble, marble diamond segment is a kind of special stone cutting tool which requires the most complicated technique.
To make the best and sharp diamond segment for your marble, the customers are required to provide the following technical information,

1. The colour, hardness and images of marble,
2. The RPM of cutting saw (or main motor power),
3. The cutting depth of each drop,
4. Multi-blades or single blades,
5. Really best to provide the video of cutting method or cutting scene.

By the sales of marble diamond segments to many countries in the world, we have obtained many formula to produce various quality diamond segments for different marble. By using our marble diamond segments, you can have the following cutting effect.

   Fast and smooth cutting
   Long lifespan and stable performance

We offer our customers a series of high quality marble diamond segments ideal for every need. We have a full range of diamond segments for cutting marble, such as beige marble, black and white marble, verona, hard and soft marble, white marble, and colorful marble.

Our marble diamond segments start from 12 inch to 140 inches. 


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