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Diamond grinding cup wheels are widely used for grinding concrete and stone surface, for example, grinding and polishing granite, marble and concrete floor. They are applied to angle grinder and floor grinder.
Diamond grinding cup wheels are metal-bonded abrasive tools contain diamond which include  brazed diamond segments grinding cup wheel, cold-pressed grinding cup wheel and hot-pressed grinding cup wheel on a metallic wheel body. The hot-pressed and cold-pressed types are usually used for grinding stone, most of customers buy these two types of cup wheel in large quantity, because the price is cheaper than brazed one.
If you need high quality grinding cup wheels especially for concrete floor grinding, you can choose the high frequency welded one(brazed cup wheels), which is of higher sharpness and longer life. We can produce diamond grinding cup wheel with different grits and hardness of bond according to hardness of concrete and finished result the customers need.
Aluminum based diamond grinding cup wheel, since it is lighter than others, can be used in hand held angle grinder, it is popular in America market, the main pattern is turbo, and diameter 3 inch(80mm) and 4 inch(105mm) is widely used. It is very good for granite, marble and other stones surface grinding.
The designs of diamond grinding cup wheel are single row diamond cup wheel, double row diamond cup wheel and turbo diamond grinding cup wheel which are usually used for stone grinding. PCD diamond cup wheel, V shaped diamond cup wheel, arrow segment diamond cup wheel, turbo segment diamond cup wheel, and other special segment shape cup wheels are used for grinding concrete floor.
Due to high premium quality, ChinShine Diamond Tools has been one of the good manufacturers of China Diamond grinding, Abrasive, polishing tools. More and more customers come and buy diamond tools from us, we also stably offer OEM service for some capable company in long-term.
With thousands of testing and feedback from customers, considering different materials for grinding and different request from customers, we have designed many formula of diamond segments. For example grinding concrete, the quality of European concrete is very good, it is very strong, while the American’s concrete is not so hard, but the American and European all prefer to high sharp one, the countries in South East Asia like the wear-resisting types. For other concrete diamond grinding tools, please click here.

Buy diamond cup grinding wheel for sale from China supplier, please inform the following items:

1. The diameter of diamond cup wheel, normal sizes we produce are 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 7” and 9”.
2. The shape of diamond segments, like single row, double row, turbo, v shape or arrow.
3. The material you prepare to grind, if it is concrete, please kindly let us know the hardness, like soft, medium hard or hard.
4. The grit of diamond grinding cup wheel, or coarse, medium, fine finished, like 16, 20, 30, 46, 60, 120, 200, 300, 400 etc.
5. The thread of diamond cup wheel, like 22.23mm, M14, 5/8”-11 etc.
6. The market of diamond cup wheel to use.

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