China concrete grinding tools supplier, diamond grinding plates for concrete and floor

With many years of trials on grinding various concrete floor, ChinShine has designed and developed a range of diamond grinding plates and other metal bonded diamond concrete grinding tools.

Diamond grinding plates and tools are designed with higher quality diamond segments than normal application one, the life is longer and the sharpness is better than other grinding tools, such as diamond floor renew pads. The even-distributed diamond segments make the refurbishment high-efficient, these diamond segments have strong grinding force as well as long life without broken edges during working. These advantages enable it to be used for different grinders and retreading machines.

Diamond concrete grinding tools

Different diamond grinding plates are available for floor renewing, concrete grinding, adhesive removal, re-profiling of concrete floors, coating removal, marble, polishing, terrazzo and granite stone levelling.

We offer different bonds: extra soft, soft, medium soft, medium, hard and extra-hard Grinding Plates.

All shapes of diamond grinding plates are uniquely machined to provide accurate diamond segment location. This process guarantees precise balance ensuring high production rates, long life and eliminates uneven wear. Non standard compounds and grit sizes are available to order for special applications.

ChinShine Diamond grinding Plates are available to fit most popular floor grinding machines.

The features and advantages of our diamond concrete grinding plates:

1. Good heat resistance and pressure resistance, long working life;

2. Variety of diamond segments for fast grinding machine to repair and maintain concrete surface;

3. Easy and convenient use, fast grinding speed, stable and high efficiency of grinding result;

4. Any sizes and shapes can be customer-made;

5. Factory direct sales, cost-effective, low composite cost.

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