• How can we choose the proper canvas for making oil paintings?
    How can we choose the proper canvas for making oil paintings? Nov 03, 2020
    For our company, we have different canvases available for our customers to choose: synthetic canvas (also called chemical canvas or polyester canvas/320g/sqm), cotton canvas(420g/sqm), linen canvas(420g/sqm), textured canvas(500g/sqm), cracked canvas. Among which, synthetic canvas and linen canvas are two most popular ones. Synthetic canvas features a light weight, so it will saves the shipping co...
  • How to choose a proper painting
    How to choose a proper painting Nov 02, 2020
    How to choose a proper painting? To choose a proper painting express the home owner's personal taste and feeling. Nowadays, we categorize the oil paintings to oil paintings with frame and oil paintings with stretcher, oil paintings with frame express a charming effect of classical artworks, oil painting with stretchers looks more modern, simplest and freedom that the young people looking for. A mo...
  • What is Pop Art Mar 04, 2021
    Did you know artists have used magazines and even soup cans to make art? Find out what this fun style of art is in: "What is Pop Art?" .Pop art refers to the art form in which the artist takes any extra-burdened existence as the creative carrier and gives the value and meaning to convey the most universal and popular spiritual enjoyment to viewers. It is characterized by boldne...
  • How to Frame an Oil Painting with stretchers? Mar 04, 2021
    Framed Oil Paintings are also called stretched oil paintings refer to the oil paintings on canvas that needs to be framed or stretched with a frame or stretcher bar. The width and thickness of the stretcher are different to fit different sizes and weights of canvas paintings. Some artists paint on original canvases, while others paint on per-stretched canvases. S...
  • The Brief History and Trend of Oil Paintings Mar 04, 2021
    Before the 15th century, the tempera painting developed by European was the origin of oil painting. After Jan van Eyck's improvement of painting materials, it was able to continue. Later, because of his unique contribution to the art of oil painting, Jan van Eyck was honored as the "father of oil painting". In the development process of oil painting, there are three periods: classical, modern, and...

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