How can we choose the proper canvas for making oil paintings? Nov 03, 2020

For our company, we have different canvases available for our customers to choose: synthetic canvas (also called chemical canvas or polyester canvas/320g/sqm), cotton canvas(420g/sqm), linen canvas(420g/sqm), textured canvas(500g/sqm), cracked canvas. Among which, synthetic canvas and linen canvas are two most popular ones. Synthetic canvas features a light weight, so it will saves the shipping cost when ship by air courier, it is used mostly for commercial quality oil paintings, however, linen canvas can express a better textural effect, so it is widely used for high quality oil paintings, especially for figure oil paintings. For cracked canvas, it usually used for reproduced museum quality masterpieces oil paintings, the cracked surface creates an ancient/antique effect, where the reproduced painting artwork would look more closely to the original one, to make people difficult to distinguish the authentic one and the replaced one. For multiple persons royal figures oil paintings, we use cracked canvas frequently. For the other canvases---cotton canvas and textural canvas, they are seldom used according to our 20 years working experiences.

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