How to choose a proper paintings Nov 02, 2020

How to choose a proper painting?

To choose a proper painting express the home owner's personal taste and feeling.

Nowadays, we categorize the oil paintings to oil paintings with frame and oil paintings with stretcher, oil paintings with frame express a charming effect of classical artworks, oil painting with stretchers looks more modern, simplest and freedom that the young people looking for. A modern oil painting with stretcher suits with the modern house decor, it enhances the life space and wakes people up, Sinokpm aims at bring the warm feeling to our customers through the canvas art.

a. the style of your home decoration, classical, modern, minimalism

The style of the painting should match well with your whole home decor

b. the size of your wall space

Measure your space correctly before ordering an oil painting to decorate your wall space,

c. the color of the whole background

The style of the painting should match well with your whole home decor, there is an overall rule like wearing the clothes, do not exceed four colors in one room space.

d. the purpose for the room

For different rooms, there are different paintings goes well with it, people usually choose something related to the purpose of the room . For example, for kitchen room, people usually fork and knife, cakes, coffee etc. For bedroom, people usually choose some landscape or still life or something that makes you feel peace in mind and relax when thinking about sleeping.

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