Hotel Oil Paintings are getting more and more popular, why? Nov 02, 2020

Hotel Painting: Why Hotels Should Hang Oil Paintings in Lobby and Rooms

Most people think oil paintings are just kind of art pictures, they are always exhibited in art gallery or hanged in the rooms as wall decoration. With the development of hotel commercial process, the hotel manager and designer would like to use oil paintings to attract people’s attention. People will not decide whether to stay in the hotel just by several oil paintings, but oil paintings will surely make the hotel unique and stay memorable.

Oil painting, a medium composed of pigments suspended in dry oil. Excellent tone or color fusion function makes it unique among fluid painting media; at the same time, it is easy to obtain satisfactory linear processing and crisp effect. Opaque, transparent and translucent paintings are all within its range, and it is unparalleled in terms of texture variation. Oil paintings can create unique atmosphere and quiet place. There are many reasons why hotels to display oil paintings, and these reasons also apply to homeowners.

Capture the appearance of a specific place or era

Most hotels have different themed rooms to meet the different tastes of guests. Some unique hotels even have one theme of the entire hotel. Themes can make your living space more interesting, depending on the kind of oil paintings that you display on the walls of the room. Horses or western landscape paintings can enhance the atmosphere of western themed rooms. Abstract art paintings and other modern art styles will be more suitable for modern themes decor. You can decorate the rooms of the house to capture the atmosphere of the places you like or want to visit.

Visit local or favorite artists

Hotels sometimes display art works of local artists in their lobby or rooms in order to recommend the artists. These paintings are sometimes sold, if the guests are interested in these artworks, the hotel will even recommend them to artists or galleries. Buying art from your favorite artist and hanging it on the wall of your house is also a good way for artists to display, especially if the guests also art lovers.


Build an unique identity

Art is becoming more and more important for strengthening the hotel brand. These institutions used to buy decorative art paintings from manufacturing companies, which provided arts in large quantities, but more and more companies are looking for art that can make their property unique (we often provide hotel projects (including world-famous Venetians) create custom artwork. The paintings they choose to show will tell interesting stories about the hotel and leave a deep impression on guests. Similarly, the artwork you choose for the rooms in the house will represent your unique personality and taste .

Become a topic in town

The hotel uses arts to attract the attention of guests. The design of many hotels are in the same standard, but the choice of artwork gives it a chance to stand out from the competition. If the artworks displayed on the walls of the hotel are fascinating, it will give a different impression.

A true love of art

Some hotel tycoons really like artworks and are willing to pay a high price to get works that attract their attention. These artworks sometimes decorate the properties of these great figures to show off their precious collections. If you love art out of your hobby, then your own collection does not have to be expensive. You can buy art from local emerging artists, or you can buy exquisite reproductions of your favorite paintings.

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