How much does it cost to get a custom oil painting Dec 07, 2020

What is oil painting?

Oil painting, oil paint, a medium composed of pigments suspended in dry oil. Excellent tone or color fusion function makes it unique among fluid painting media; at the same time, it is easy to obtain satisfactory linear processing and crisp effect. Opaque, transparent and translucent paintings are all within its range, and it is unparalleled in terms of texture variation.

Oil painting is very common in our daily life. As an art form, oil painting can create different atmosphere in the room according to our needs. However, the needs would be different. What if you would like to get a painting for special purpose such as from your wedding photos, selfie, portrait, or any other pictures you like.

How much does it cost to get a custom oil painting?

Generally speaking, the price of custom oil painting might vary due to its type, size, artist, frame, painting material, canvas and the artist.

1. The price of portrait painting is related to the type of painting

For example, portrait oil painting is more expensive than painting animals or landscapes. Because realistic characters spend time and require more detailed techniques.

Painters who paint portraits generally also paint landscape oil paintings and animal oil paintings. But painting landscape oil paintings or animal oil paintings does not necessarily mean painting realistic portrait oil paintings.

2. It is related to the size of the canvas oil painting

List some conventional portrait oil painting sizes

Inches cm

12" x 16" 30 x 40

16" x 20" 40 X 50

20" x 24" 50 x 60

24" x 36" 60 x 90

30" x 40" 75 x 100

36" x 48" 90 x 120

48" X 72" 120 x 180

The prices of canvas arts vary in different sizes.

3. The quality of the selected artists has different prices at different levels

Some portrait oil paintings with ridiculously low prices must be the worst paints and portrait oil paintings painted by apprentices.

4. Whether to choose a picture frame. Optional picture frame packaging cost

Useful tips on custom made oil paintings:

1. Oil painting customization is our interest in a certain oil painting or we want to customize it into an oil painting with photos.

Compared with ordinary oil paintings, it has more specific meaning. To find custom oil paintings, first look for galleries or galleries that have experience in providing custom oil painting services.

A website specializing in customized oil paintings

2. The oil painting can be customized in a special size, and it can be customized according to the size you want

3. If a merchant that provides customized oil painting services charges you 100% of the payment, be careful, because oil painting customization is

Use the buyer's draft to draw (such as life photos or selected famous paintings). It will inevitably be adjusted later. Some merchants will not take the initiative to draw or modify after receiving the full payment.

It is recommended to choose a business that can pay a certain deposit, such as a 40% deposit. After the drawing is done, you are not afraid that the business will not provide you with good service. If you don't, the business will lose more.

And custom-made oil paintings are generally impossible to sell to others.

4. The price and quality of customized oil paintings, some merchants have very low prices, which attract buyers to buy. But often the quality is directly proportional to the price. I've waited for the money you spent, It took a long time but the painting is not like it. Customized portrait oil paintings require artists to spend more time painting the details of portraits.

5. Nowadays, many portrait oil paintings on the market are very thin, and the paintings are not detailed enough. This kind of painting is easy to change color and will not last long. So let the seller take a few more photos before shipping.

You can let the seller take a close-up of the face. You can see the details clearly.

6. Whether the paints used in oil paintings are used well, domestic Marley brand paints, oil canvas, and linen cloth are generally more conducive to preservation of oil paintings.

7. Oil painting customization generally takes 10-20 working days to complete. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the time when sending oil painting portraits as gifts.

Customize the oil painting half a month in advance.

8. Customized oil paintings need to be framed after painting. The unmounted oil paintings are very different from the mounted ones. So choose the business as far as possible to choose can provide the frame together. Save the trouble of finding someone to mount the picture frame.

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