• what is Pop Art
    Mar 02, 2021 what is Pop Art
    Did you know artists have used magazines and even soup cans to make art? Find out what this fun style of art is in: "What is Pop Art?" . Pop art refers to the art form in which the artist takes any extra-burdened existence as the creative carrier and gives the value and meaning to convey the most universal and popular spiritual enjoyment to viewers. It is characterized by boldness, directness and arrogance. Pop is the abbreviation of Popular, which means pop art and popular art. The term ”Pop Art”  first appeared between 1952 and 1955. It was first coined at the Independent Community Forum held by a group of young artists from the Institute of Contemporary Art in London, and the critic L. Alovey decided at his discretion. They believe that urban culture created by the public is an excellent material for modern art creation. Facing the impact of commercial civilization in the consumer society, artists must not only face it squarely, but also become singers of popular culture. It is an art movement that emerged in the 1950s and flourished in the 1960s in America and Britain. The appearance of American pop art was slightly later than that of the United Kingdom, and it inherited the spirit of Dadaism in its artistic pursuit. In the works, it uses a lot of waste, commercial posters, movie advertisements, and various newspapers and magazines to make collages, so it has the title of new Dadaism. In Pop Art, the most influential and representative painter is Andy Warhol. He is the initiator and main advocate of the American Pop Art movement. The profile picture of Marilyn Monroe is one of the most concerned topics in Warhol's works. The simple, neat and monotonous portraits of Monroe reflect the helpless emptiness and confusion of people in modern commercial society. Find our Pop Art Oil Paintings collections from : https://www.sinokpm.com/hand-painted-customized-pop-art-portrait-oil-paintings-on-canvas_p47.html
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  • How much does it cost to get a custom oil painting
    Dec 07, 2020 How much does it cost to get a custom oil painting
    What is oil painting? Oil painting, oil paint, a medium composed of pigments suspended in dry oil. Excellent tone or color fusion function makes it unique among fluid painting media; at the same time, it is easy to obtain satisfactory linear processing and crisp effect. Opaque, transparent and translucent paintings are all within its range, and it is unparalleled in terms of texture variation. Oil painting is very common in our daily life. As an art form, oil painting can create different atmosphere in the room according to our needs. However, the needs would be different. What if you would like to get a painting for special purpose such as from your wedding photos, selfie, portrait, or any other pictures you like. How much does it cost to get a custom oil painting? Generally speaking, the price of custom oil painting might vary due to its type, size, artist, frame, painting material, canvas and the artist. 1. The price of portrait painting is related to the type of painting For example, portrait oil painting is more expensive than painting animals or landscapes. Because realistic characters spend time and require more detailed techniques. Painters who paint portraits generally also paint landscape oil paintings and animal oil paintings. But painting landscape oil paintings or animal oil paintings does not necessarily mean painting realistic portrait oil paintings. 2. It is related to the size of the canvas oil painting List some conventional portrait oil painting sizes Inches cm 12" x 16" 30 x 40 16" x 20" 40 X 50 20" x 24" 50 x 60 24" x 36" 60 x 90 30" x 40" 75 x 100 36" x 48" 90 x 120 48" X 72" 120 x 180 The prices of canvas arts vary in different sizes. 3. The quality of the selected artists has different prices at different levels Some portrait oil paintings with ridiculously low prices must be the worst paints and portrait oil paintings painted by apprentices. 4. Whether to choose a picture frame. Optional picture frame packaging cost Useful tips on custom made oil paintings: 1. Oil painting customization is our interest in a certain oil painting or we want to customize it into an oil painting with photos. Compared with ordinary oil paintings, it has more specific meaning. To find custom oil paintings, first look for galleries or galleries that have experience in providing custom oil painting services. A website specializing in customized oil paintings 2. The oil painting can be customized in a special size, and it can be customized according to the size you want 3. If a merchant that provides customized oil painting services charges you 100% of the payment, be careful, because oil painting customization is Use the buyer's draft to draw (such as life photos or selected famous paintings). It will inevitably be adjusted later. Some merchants will not take the initiative to draw or modify after receiving the full payment. It is recommended to choose a business that can pay a certain deposit, such as a 40% deposit. After the drawing is done, yo...
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  • The Brief History and Trend of Oil Paintings
    Nov 16, 2020 The Brief History and Trend of Oil Paintings
    Before the 15th century, the tempera painting developed by European was the origin of oil painting. After Jan van Eyck's improvement of painting materials, it was able to continue. Later, because of his unique contribution to the art of oil painting, Jan van Eyck was honored as the "father of oil painting". In the development process of oil painting, there are three periods: classical, modern, and contemporary. Due to the changes in artistic ideas and techniques of the times, different attitudes have been reflected in different periods. In the 15th century, in the midst of the Renaissance, out of the humanistic and ideological needs of criticism of religion and the requirement to pay attention to social reality, many painters began to reject the previous single religious subject. The depiction also makes religious works begin to have obvious secular factors, and they are no longer purely praising Christ. Some painters are perfect reproductions of real scenes in life. The painters of this period inherited the artistic styles of Greece and Rome, that is, while portraying an event or fact, they must also expose the cause and effect of the event or fact. As a result, an artistic technique focusing on content and character imagery has been formed. At the same time, the painters' application of anatomy and perspective in painting rose to new heights and formed the scientific principles of modeling. In the 19th century, the color change of oil painting injected new vitality into oil painting. Based on his observation of nature, the British painter Constable concluded the principle of complementary color (that is, the two levels of the color wheel, when co-located, can effectively improve the brightness and brightness of both sides), and use it in painting. The picture is much brighter than the classical brown. And there is more than one smart person. His works inspired a French painter, Delacroix. Delacroix used complementary colors to create more color expressions. The color contrast of his pictures and the overall brightness and magnificence made a sensation in the painting circles at that time. In the 20th century, due to a variety of different artistic concepts, different genre distinctions were formed, which made the art form show a variety of tendencies, so certain factors in oil painting were often strengthened or even extreme. With the further expansion of artistic concepts, oil painting materials and other materials began to be used in combination, which resulted in art that no longer belonged to a particular painting type. The oil painting technology is developing as well. In modern time, some paintings are made by the machine or printing. Printing oil paintings are widely used in the ads banner, public places or on the books. However, the oil paintings hand made by artists are still very valuable. The handmade oil painting on canvas are well received as home decorates, hotel wall hanging arts, room decorates and so on. Xiamen Sinokpm Arts is ...
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  • Reproduction Oil Paintings
    Nov 03, 2020 Reproduction Oil Paintings
    Reproduction Oil Paintings Do you have a special feeling when you see a nice painting while visiting a museum or a gallery, but being unable to buy it , as it is not for sale or it is priceless? If you really want to have your favorite paintings hang on your wall, just take a photo and email us. You can bring your ownVan Gogh,Monet,Afremov,Botero,Claude,Dali,Daniel,Degas,Fabian Perez,Gauguin,Jack Vettriano,Joseph,Klim,Picasso,Thomashome. Being a professional oil painting workshop for more than 20 years, we have a team of well-experienced artists, who specialized in different subjects. Every artwork coming from our clients will be assigned to an artist who excels in his or her chosen genre. Our previous artworks receives high reputation from our clients that over 80% of our clients purchased again after they received first paintings from us. No mater you buy for personal us or for resell, no matercommercial quality,high qualityormuseum quality, just come to us, we will try our best to meet your requirement. View our reproduction artwork: Masterpiece Reproduction Van Gogh Reproduction of Van Gogh The Starry Night Over The Rhone Original Finished Artwork Thomas Kinkade Reproduction of Thomas Kindade French River Original Finished Artwork Human & Pet portrait reproduction Human portrait reproduction Original Finished Artwork Framing Pet portrait reproduction Original Finished Artwork Abstract reproduction Original Finished Artwork Home Decor Project Architecture & Building Oil Paintings Reproduction Original Finished Artwork Home Decor Project How to order? A. Choose your painting, you can have your own preferred photo, or select from our collection from this site. If you can’t find something you like here, just email us, we will send you more photos from our computer. B. If you are wholesale in the market, just tell us the common size in your market. If you buy for personal use, measure the wall space while you will hang the paintings, then we will recommend accordingly. C. All the paintings are finished from a blank canvas. After it is finished, we will send a photo for your confirmation. Only when we get your approval, we will arrange the delivery.
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  • Hotel Oil Paintings are getting more and more popular, why?
    Nov 02, 2020 Hotel Oil Paintings are getting more and more popular, why?
    Hotel Painting: Why Hotels Should Hang Oil Paintings in Lobby and Rooms Most people think oil paintings are just kind of art pictures, they are always exhibited in art gallery or hanged in the rooms as wall decoration. With the development of hotel commercial process, the hotel manager and designer would like to use oil paintings to attract people’s attention. People will not decide whether to stay in the hotel just by several oil paintings, but oil paintings will surely make the hotel unique and stay memorable. Oil painting, a medium composed of pigments suspended in dry oil. Excellent tone or color fusion function makes it unique among fluid painting media; at the same time, it is easy to obtain satisfactory linear processing and crisp effect. Opaque, transparent and translucent paintings are all within its range, and it is unparalleled in terms of texture variation. Oil paintings can create unique atmosphere and quiet place. There are many reasons why hotels to display oil paintings, and these reasons also apply to homeowners. Capture the appearance of a specific place or era Most hotels have different themed rooms to meet the different tastes of guests. Some unique hotels even have one theme of the entire hotel. Themes can make your living space more interesting, depending on the kind of oil paintings that you display on the walls of the room. Horses or western landscape paintings can enhance the atmosphere of western themed rooms. Abstract art paintings and other modern art styles will be more suitable for modern themes decor. You can decorate the rooms of the house to capture the atmosphere of the places you like or want to visit. Visit local or favorite artists Hotels sometimes display art works of local artists in their lobby or rooms in order to recommend the artists. These paintings are sometimes sold, if the guests are interested in these artworks, the hotel will even recommend them to artists or galleries. Buying art from your favorite artist and hanging it on the wall of your house is also a good way for artists to display, especially if the guests also art lovers.   Build an unique identity Art is becoming more and more important for strengthening the hotel brand. These institutions used to buy decorative art paintings from manufacturing companies, which provided arts in large quantities, but more and more companies are looking for art that can make their property unique (we often provide hotel projects (including world-famous Venetians) create custom artwork. The paintings they choose to show will tell interesting stories about the hotel and leave a deep impression on guests. Similarly, the artwork you choose for the rooms in the house will represent your unique personality and taste . Become a topic in town The hotel uses arts to attract the attention of guests. The design of many hotels are in the same standard, but the choice of artwork gives it a chance to stand out from the competition. If the artworks displayed on the wa...
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