The Brief History and Trend of Oil Paintings Nov 16, 2020

Before the 15th century, the tempera painting developed by European was the origin of oil painting. After Jan van Eyck's improvement of painting materials, it was able to continue. Later, because of his unique contribution to the art of oil painting, Jan van Eyck was honored as the "father of oil painting".

In the development process of oil painting, there are three periods: classical, modern, and contemporary. Due to the changes in artistic ideas and techniques of the times, different attitudes have been reflected in different periods.

In the 15th century, in the midst of the Renaissance, out of the humanistic and ideological needs of criticism of religion and the requirement to pay attention to social reality, many painters began to reject the previous single religious subject. The depiction also makes religious works begin to have obvious secular factors, and they are no longer purely praising Christ. Some painters are perfect reproductions of real scenes in life.

The painters of this period inherited the artistic styles of Greece and Rome, that is, while portraying an event or fact, they must also expose the cause and effect of the event or fact. As a result, an artistic technique focusing on content and character imagery has been formed.

At the same time, the painters' application of anatomy and perspective in painting rose to new heights and formed the scientific principles of modeling.

In the 19th century, the color change of oil painting injected new vitality into oil painting.

Based on his observation of nature, the British painter Constable concluded the principle of complementary color (that is, the two levels of the color wheel, when co-located, can effectively improve the brightness and brightness of both sides), and use it in painting. The picture is much brighter than the classical brown.

And there is more than one smart person. His works inspired a French painter, Delacroix. Delacroix used complementary colors to create more color expressions. The color contrast of his pictures and the overall brightness and magnificence made a sensation in the painting circles at that time.

In the 20th century, due to a variety of different artistic concepts, different genre distinctions were formed, which made the art form show a variety of tendencies, so certain factors in oil painting were often strengthened or even extreme.

With the further expansion of artistic concepts, oil painting materials and other materials began to be used in combination, which resulted in art that no longer belonged to a particular painting type.

The oil painting technology is developing as well. In modern time, some paintings are made by the machine or printing. Printing oil paintings are widely used in the ads banner, public places or on the books. However, the oil paintings hand made by artists are still very valuable. The handmade oil painting on canvas are well received as home decorates, hotel wall hanging arts, room decorates and so on.

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